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Dixie Dansercoer
Dixie Dansercoer (born in Nieuwpoort, Belgium on July 12, 1962 and passed away near Upernavik, Greenland on June 7, 2021) was a Flemish polar explorer with over 28 years of experience in polar travel and exploration.
Julie Brown
Julie Brown (USA/Belgium) is co-founder and managing director of Polar Circles and its Polar Experience activities since 1999. 
Eric Bonnem
Eric Bonnem (France) is the founder of Expeditions Unlimited, our exclusive travel and logistics partner for all of our Polar Experience activities.
Manu Poudelet
Manu Poudelet (France) is not only an accomplished adventure guide but he is an experienced and highly qualified emergency flight nurse and a member of his local fire brigade.
Henk-Jan Geel
Henk-Jan Geel (The Netherlands) has spent much time in the High North in part due to his familal connection with his Swedish wife's homeland.
Brecht De Meulenaer
Brecht De Meulenaer (Belgium) is a biologist and keen ornithologist, fascinated with the Arctic North and the Antarctic.
Rob Vercauteren
Rob Vercauteren (Belgium) started his outdoor life early when as a kid he went hiking with his parents in Switzerland.
Michael Charavin
Mika Charavin (France) adds world-class snowkite expertise to our Polar Experience guide team.
Karin Sloove
Karin Sloove (The Netherlands) exudes professionalism, positivity and compassion as our newest addition to the Polar Experience guide team.
Olivier Bourcet
Olivier Bourcet (France) joins our team as initial polar training coordinator for our French and English speaking participants.
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