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Julie Brown has more than 20 years of experience in corporate activities ranging from customised keynote speeches at events and international congresses to the managment of extended internal programs such as unique ICE Campaigns. She is also an author and has worked on the production of several documentary films.
International Congresses & Events
Keynotes & public speaking

Julie presents inspiring motivational speeches to a wide variety of audiences.

Her ability to translate the many relevant metaphors from ambitious polar expeditions and make the link to challenges in the business atmosphere brings an unexpected spark to your event.

After more than 20 years of public speaking experience, Julie continues to thrive from the connection with live audiences, especially during the spontaneous and unrehearsed Q & A sessions.

Empowering outperformance by sharing Dixie's vibrant legacy.

It's our PolarExperience DNA.

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ICE © Campaigns

Real power is often hidden under layers of superficial distractions. Sometimes all it takes is a spark – a new perspective – to unleash the valuable contributions of employees, managers, and colleagues.

Polar Experience offers extended programs for team productivity and/or incentives. One step at a time, your select colleagues and employees work their way toward a company-wide inspirational achievement: a polar expedition.

Teamwork, change management, leadership, effective communication, inspiration, resilience, and grand goal achievement – these themes translate effortlessly via the polar expedition metaphor to the diverse and dynamic workplace.

Books and Films
Creativity beyond the ice ...

Profound experiences beg reflection.

Dixie and Julie's various books and films provide deeper insights, honest and humble reflections, and useful tips and tricks.

Please visit Dixie's Vimeo page for an extensive compilation of our expedition films and corporate videos.

Dixie wrote his first expedition book in his Dutch mother language in 1996 over his 1995 Trans-Greenland Expedition. Zwevend over de Ijskap (Floating over the Ice Cap) was self-published and quickly out of print, but the task of writing proved pleasing to Dixie.

He and Julie continued writing, editing and publishing books together and apart over the next two decades, with more projects in sight. Their most recent works include:

Books for reference and now out of print:

  • Antarctic ICE: Beyond the Challenge, Dixie Dansercoer & Sam Deltour (2012)
  • Pure Power, Dixie Dansercoer (2011)
  • Arctic Arc, Dixie Dansercoer (2010)
  • Het Geheim van Antarctica, Dixie Dansercoer & Bavo Dhooge (2008)
  • Antarctica: Dixie Dansercoer in the Footsteps of Adrien de Gerlache, Dixie Dansercoer & Pieterjan Kempynck (2008)
  • De Diepvriesexpedities van Olli en Eleonora, Do Van Ranst & Dixie Dansercoer (2008)
  • The Pole is Everything, Except Resistible, Dixie Dansercoer (2007)
  • (Ant)Arctica, Dixie Dansercoer (2007)
  • Swept Away: Adrift Between Alaska and Siberia, Dixie Dansercoer (2005)
  • Van Passie tot Missie: 8 Goodwill Ambassadors van UNICEF Getuigen, Julie Brown (2004)
  • Brainstormen in een Iglo: Je Bedrijf Runnen als een Expeditie, Dixie Dansercoer (2004)
  • Milestones, Julie Brown, Dixie Dansercoer & Herman Vanaerschot (2004)
  • Een Passie Moet Je Volgen (2002), Julie Brown & Dixie Dansercoer
  • Chaos op het Ijs, Alain Hubert & Dixie Dansercoer (2002)
  • Shades of White: Heartwarming Antarctica, Julie Brown & Dixie Dansercoer (2001)
  • In the Teeth of the Wind, Alain Hubert, Dixie Dansercoer & Michel Brent (1998)
  • Zwevend over de Ijskap, Dixie Dansercoer (1996)

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