Pre-Departure in Kangerlussuaq

A special excitement always hangs in the air when a team arrives in Greenland for the start of an expedition, and today was no different for Marc, Gino, Simon and Jérôme.

Yesterday they each departed their respective French and Belgian home bases and took their first flights to Copenhagen, the initial meeting point of their journey. Together with Brecht, their seasoned Arctic Circle Trail winter expedition guide, they enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and informative conversation about their pending adventure. Everyone then eagerly returned to their hotel rooms for the seemingly small but deeply appreciated luxury of resting in a warm and cozy bed, knowing that polar camp life looms in the near future.

This morning, the teammates left early for the Copenhagen Airport where their Air Greenland plane waited to whisk them off to Kangerlussuaq. This flight route is a visual feast when skies are clear, especially as the plane begins its descent over the pristine Greenland landscape.

Upon arrival, our adventurers didn't waste any time in gathering their gear and headed to their guest accommodations where the Polar Experience gear storage is also located. They immediately began the tedious job of unpacking, sorting, organising and repacking all personal and camping equipment as well as their food ration preparation for the coming days.

Weather conditions in Kangerlussuaq were quite agreeable today, with temperatures hovering around a relatively comfortable -15°C.

If all goes as planned and the weather continues to cooperate, our team should take their first steps of the Arctic Circle Trail Expedition tomorrow morning.

For now, we wish them a good night's sleep and sweet dreams.

For those of you who would like to follow their progress via live tracking, and for French-language updates, please visit Expeditions Unlimited.

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