Day 9 - Arrival in Sisimiut

Welcome to Sisimiut, Marc, Simon, Jérôme and Brecht!


It took our very strong team just 9 days to trek 164 kilometres from Kangerlussuaq to this charming coastal city. A winter expedition on the Arctic Circle Trail is a grand accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated. Respect!

The euphoria of an expedition's finish is an abrupt confrontation with a variety of emotions, most of all the joy of having accomplished a challenge outside of the norm and relief to return to some basic comfort. A hot shower, a cold beer, a warm dinner that doesn't come out of a freeze-dried package, and a real bed ... these simple pleasures take on a whole new magnitude after so many days and nights on the ice.

Earlier today, when the group was about one hour from the finish, Gino zipped out via snowmobile to reunite with his teammates and welcome them back to civilisation.

It takes time to re-enter and eventually digest the profound experiences of recent days. For now, we wish everyone a cozy evening of well-deserved celebration and solid rest before their return to Kangerlussuaq via airplane tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a few more images of their glorious Arctic Circle Trail Expedition.

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