Day 7 - Solar Activity

Nature's splendour continues to entertain and inspire our expedition team as they meander along the Arctic Circle Trail.

Our weather forecaster Yan Giezendanner has alerted our group for increasing solar activity with eruptions predicted that may be viewed with the naked eye (while of course wearing special protective glasses). Brecht is especially excited for the hopeful synergy that allows the Northern Lights to shine exceptionally strong.

This unique atmosphere gives extra energy to our participants and today their progress of 22 kilometres proved their solid determination.

According to Brecht's calculations, Jérôme, Simon and Marc have just over 30 kilometres of distance between their current campsite and the finish in Sisimiut. The terrain ahead includes one final challenging climb before they descend toward the seacoast.

If all proceeds as planned, and due to the excellent weather forecast for the next two days, we should see our team arrive at their destination sometime on Wednesday afternoon.

Please continue to follow their progress here and also at Expeditions Unlimited with French-language updates and live tracking feature.

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