Day 6 - Renewed Energy

One pattern that our expedition team brought with them to Greenland is the concept that Sunday should represent rest. While they didn't take the whole day to remain inactive, Marc, Simon, Jérôme and Brecht allowed themselves a long deep sleep between 11 - 12 hours last night.

Saturday was an intense day of determined progress which resulted in an impressive advancement of 20,1 kilometres. Brecht explained that the team had to push extra hard due to headwinds most of the day. By the time they set up their camp on Saturday night, everyone efficiently ate and rehydrated before diving into their cozy sleeping bags for a long night's slumber.

Physical recovery is an important component of any polar expedition. The body performs at its best in the deep cold when it is well fed, sufficiently hydrated, and properly rested.

This morning when Brecht phoned with their latest update, he described an efficient team that had already packed and was ready to get back out onto the trail.

Temperatures remain on the soft side, but the dominant wind made for a colder atmosphere this morning than in recent days. According to our latest weather forecast, temperatures will continue to drop in the coming days to "normal" conditions with Tuesday's expected high to be between -20°C and -25°C.

Please continue to follow our Greenland team's progress here and also at Expeditions Unlimited in French with live tracking feature.

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