Arctic Circle Trail with Brecht - final preparations

Exactly two weeks from today, Brecht De Meulenaer will lead our 2024 Arctic Circle Trail Expedition participants on their ambitious 164 kilometre quest from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut ... with very little in between.

We have four eager expedition members who will test themselves both mentally and physically on this Level 2 adventure in the frigid pristine Greenland environment. It's an intimate group consisting of Gino (Belgium) and Jérôme, Marc and Simon (France), all of whom are prepared to autonomously progress on skis while pulling their own proper equipment in sleds behind them. Each night they'll establish a new campsite where they'll cook their own freeze-dried meals, rehydrate with savoury soups, and boil their own water from the snow that lies around them.

It's a back-to-basics experience that realigns life's dynamics in a predominantly off-the-radar setting. The only contact outside of their Greenlandic bubble will be the daily check-in that Brecht will make via satellite phone and the occasional photos that he'll send for us to share on our blog. Brecht will also carry a GPS tracker so that we may follow their progress.

For our Belgian followers, this is indeed the same Arctic Circle Trail Expedition that is currently being aired on Play4 television's "De Expeditie." It will be interesting to compare the environmental similarities - and most likely differences - that the fickle Greenland weather conditions create for this year's new Polar Experience adventure.

International travel to Kangerlussuaq will begin on February 25th, with our team spending a night in Copenhagen along the way to Greenland. Once they arrive in Kangerlussuaq the following day, Brecht will lead our adventurers through the meticulous equipment organisation and packing that will allow them to step onto the ice in full focus.

If weather conditions permit, the team should be on the ice as early as Tuesday, February 27th.

We will of course follow their 8-9 day expedition with regular updates here on our blog and we look forward to having you join us vicariously on their exciting winter trek in Greenland.

photo (c) Koen De Leeuw

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