Day 31 - 200 KM !

200,2 kilometres to be exact.

Seb and Dixie are closing in on Qaanaaq - have a look at their trajectory at Expeditions Unlimited's Live Explorer feature.

Their recent successful progression days have not been for free. Yesterday, they worked for over 11 hours in order to see the number 200 on their GPS. Dixie described their odyssey as such:

Started out with our 12 metre kites, then changed to the 18 metre kite for Seb and the 15 metre for me. It was actually quite difficult navigation as we needed to go in the same direction of the wind, so a true downwind course. This is difficult because we need to keep moving constantly, otherwise our speed is faster than the wind and this way the kite could fall out of the sky.

Nice temperatures, terrain wonderful and perfect visibility.

We took short breaks throughout the long day.

The ending was pretty funny as we crossed lines just before the 200 kilometre mark. So there we were intertwined with the kites wanting to fly, lines under tension, and so we attached to both sleds the steering bar. By some miracle Seb was able to duck under my lines and undo the mess.

Seb's elated reaction in the photo above exudes the team spirit that reigned in their camp last night.

The duo had hoped to celebrate their daily success in a special way, but Dixie unfortunately suffered from some digestive issues throughout the night. They're double-checking their little remaining fresh food supplies to rule out food poisoning, but Dixie believes that he simply ate too much too fast in his hurry to replenish after the draining efforts of the day.

This morning Dixie was rehydrating and felt ready to continue, but the winds were on the edge of safety so the team was staying in the tent to monitor the evolving conditions. Exciting days are ahead to be sure and we hope that you'll enjoy the vicarious ride to Qaanaaq with Seb and Dixie.

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