Day 19 - Surreal Accommodations

While the storm still rages outside of the DYE 2 compound, Dixie and Seb have a glimmer of hope that conditions will improve by Friday.

Today, Dixie offered us a glimpse inside of their bizarre, surreal accommodations. No complaints, though, as this building is keeping them safe from the violent winds that pierce any opening in the steadily deteriorating structures.

The temperature inside of the abandoned radar station is about -18°C. Dixie and Seb are staying inside of a dormitory that looks like it was left in haste and remains in complete disorder. It is dark and dank and admittedly unnerving. They "pimped up" an area in order to make it somewhat cozy.

Most interesting is the fact that our team is not alone.

Just before the storm raged full force, Thomas Ulrich, our polar guide friend from Switzerland, showed up with his two clients who are in the middle of a West to East traverse of Greenland. They sought the same refuge as Dixie and Seb, all of them lucky to reach the compound in time. It has been an unusually welcome encounter with Thomas & his team.

This morning, Seb and Dixie even dared to crawl outside on all fours in order to get to their sleds which needed to be brought inside for a thorough inspection. Dixie reported that he is totally drained but happy to have all of our gear saved and in good condition.

Tomorrow we should have a clear view on their imminent departure north.

You may follow their eventual progress at Expeditions Unlimited with its LiveExplorer feature.

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